Bridging Generations:

The Surprising Similarities Between Generative AI and the Introduction of the Pocket Calculator Introduction In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget the humble beginnings of technological advancements that have become integral to our daily lives. Two such groundbreaking innovations from different eras have significantly impacted how we think, work, and live: generative artificial intelligence… Continue reading Bridging Generations:

Leadership Skills That Always Earn Respect

I have led teams for many years and, like many people, found at first that asking people to do things for you is difficult and a bit nerve-racking. Then one day, I suddenly had “the light bulb moment”, and my team changed. The team wanted to work for me rather than having to, and stuff got done. In turn, this made recruitment, retention, and productivity improve. Even Customer satisfaction, reputation and everything else got better as well….